Pulse Furniture Collection

Programme: Furniture Design

Location: East Legon, Accra

Project Year: 2021

As PulseGhana moved into their new office space, and the city of Accra loosened its lockdown restrictions, a new creative energy was required to inspire the vibrant media company. This was approached through the creation of a bespoke furniture collection to serve the youthful exuberance of the users. The subtle presence of the furniture in the office space is mainly aimed at addressing the spatial and ergonomic needs of the users, and subsequently contributing to their productivity and social life at work. Designed at a time where so much time is spent at desks in offices, the furniture collection addresses several interchangeable working postures including standing, sitting on the floor, or at sitting at a desk – reinforcing the idea of impulsive interactions with objects and versatile spaces that inspire.

The furniture especially the cabinets and benches play multiple roles of storage, occasional seating, and a space for plants which have always been an integral part of the concept. They also serve as components in the space that create an ambience of lightness, warmth and an uncluttered work environment. Lightness was attained using light colored thin metal frames to maintain an unobstructed emission of daylight throughout the spaces while the natural wooden textures balanced out warmth with the plants complimenting the entire composition. It was important to maintain continuous visual lines and reduce the number of different objects, forms and textures to appreciate the subtlety and minimal approach to the spaces which resulted in the design of linear low cabinets/seating and long shared desks.