Beni – A Residence

Programme: Residential

Location: North Airport Residential Area

Accra, Ghana

Project Year (Design): 2017

Completed: 2023

Beni-A was designed to provide a versatile space for a single family – A piece of work that humbly transcends its time through several design gestures and elements to produce architecture that emphasizes balance with several paradoxes at play, in terms of structure, form, scale, programme, and materiality. The project creates an atmosphere of lightness and harmonizes its interior with the outdoors.

The various allocated proportions and volumes of spaces define the privacy levels throughout the project with the most extroverted spaces being very generous with rich daylight and large volumes; toning down to its cozy private areas located on the gabled wings designed with specific views. With its shallow form and large openings, the building admits in ample daylight and improves the indoor air quality through cross-ventilation. The limewashed compressed earth block exterior walls does not only play a key role in allowing the building to breath but also regulates indoor temperature.