Longbridge Townhouses

Programme: Residential

Location: Accra, Ghana

Project Year: 2017

Status: Under Construction

Longbridge Homes in the quest to provide top quality and contemporary homes proposed to undertake the establishment of the Longbridge Townhouses. The guiding principle behind the development was to connect families through the concept of cohousing and create a small community for eight families. The Property is located at East Legon Hills, and is easily accessible from many areas. It is uniquely situated with access to Accra through East Legon and also linked to a major nodal point to Tema. It is about 35 minutes drive away from the Kotoka International Airport.

Each of the eight units of the property covers an approximate plot size of 286sqm. Each unit has a minimum of three parking spaces, with a driveway wide enough to support on-street parking. The design also maximizes the use of space by reducing the percentage of space used for circulation and providing more usable spaces within the 286sqm plot size per unit. Careful considerations have been given to the spatial planning, separating public spaces from private spaces. The living room has the largest floor area, which also gives users enough freedom to configure the space to meet their needs. The use of several wide operable windows and the introduction of a void on the first floor over the living room allows fresh air and daylight into the spaces. The space between units provides users with the choice of either parking cars or other uses as desired. Each unit bears a strong colour not only to brighten up the cluster, but also to emphasize the unique features of each unit. It is also a way-finding technique within the neighborhood. The finishes and colour for any particular interior space solely depends on the occupant’s choice.